Chris-Pc Game Booster 3 Full Version Cracked

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Chris – PC Game Booster: Optimize your computer, computer, and network settings to improve your online gaming and multiplayer experience.

Chris – PC Game Booster Features:

  • CPU prioritization Speed ​​Internet faster.
  • Faster game graphics.
  • Optimize your PC in 1 click.
  • Easy to use and flexible interface.

How to register to activate or deactivate the Chris-Pc game booster?

  • Install Chris-Pc Game Booster Any Version Trial Version Setup.exe
  • After installation, block "GameBooster.exe" through the firewall (exit rules) (Tutorial)
  • The default location of the "GameBooster.exe" file must be:

For the 32-bit operating system: – Program Files C: Chris-PC Game BoosterGameBooster.exe
For the 64-bit operating system:– C: Program Files (x86) Chris-PC Game BoosterGameBooster.exe

  • Use the provided serial keys to activate Chris-Pc Game Booster 3

(Do not update Chris-Pc Game Booster 3.X after applying the serial code, otherwise it may be disabled)

Chris – Keys of the PC Game Booster 3 series for activation:

Name: Pirate (Do not change the "Name", otherwise the series will not work)


  • 194L248CN24842040
  • 206L248CN26666262
  • 198L248CN26626222

Name: Torrent Boss (Do not change the "Name", otherwise the series will not work)


  • 200L531CN11849840
  • 209L531CN59951951
  • 205L531CN95951515

That's it, enjoy! Chris-Pc Game Booster 3 Full version free and cracked.

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IObit Game Booster Premium Crack [Collection]

Game Booster Premium Cracked Versions (Collection)

Game booster: This provides the performance advantage that was previously only available to techies. This works by temporarily stopping processes in the background, cleaning the RAM, and boosting CPU performance. This means that you can have all the features of Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 8 / 8.1 ready when you need it, but disable them when you are ready to get into serious activities: games. Game Booster makes it easier for you to enjoy the latest games and evolve your experience. All systems go!

Game Features:

  • Boost: Get the most out of your PC.
  • Save the game manager: Never lose a saved game again.
  • Game Launcher: Discover the improved PC games.
  • Screenshot Gallery: Immortalize your best moments of play
  • SPF: Get a better rate of FPS.
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IObit Game Booster is a free software now, but (for a while), I think it was not free before. Therefore, I will provide all the "old" but premium versions of IObit Game Booster for free. The latest versions are available but are still in beta and an e-mail registration will be required to use these versions

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