CheckDrive Plus 1.03 with crack

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Abelssoft CheckDrive Plus 2016: You can search for errors on your hard drives and fix them easily. Solid state SSDs are also supported.

How to activate or register Abelssoft CheckDrive Plus?

  • Install Abelssoft CheckDrive Plus v1.03 2016 Trial Version Setup.exe
  • After installation, make sure that Abelsoft CheckDrive Plus 2016 is not running (close / exit if it is running).
  • Copy the "AbLiteRegistration.dll" and "CheckDrive.exe" files from "Crack Folder" into the installation directory.

Default installation directory:

For the 32-bit operating system: C: CheckDrive program files
For the 64-bit operating system: C: CheckDrive Program Files (x86)

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HDD Low Level 4.40 Format Tool with crack full version

Download HDD Low Level Format Tool 4.40 full version

HDD low level formatting tool: It is a tool for formatting low-level hard drives. You can erase and format a SATA, IDE, SAS, SCSI, or SSD hard drive at a low level. It will also work with all USB and Firewire external drive enclosures, as well as SD, MMC, MemoryStick and Compact Flash media.

After using this simple formatting tool, restoring data is impossible, so be careful! 🙂

How to register crack or activate low-level hard drive formatting tool?

  • Disable the Internet connection (important)
  • Install the low-level formatting tool for the Setup.exe hard disk
  • Use one of the following serial keys provided for registration.

Serial keys of the low-level hard disk formatting tool:

  • H2X5-VV2H-MQ8L-ZN6E

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Diskeeper Professional 15 full version pre-activated

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Professional Diskeeper: It is a tool designed to make your computer faster, more efficient and more reliable. Diskeeper will minimize errors and keep your hard drive in defragmentation that automatically searches and runs in the background without overloading the system.

Features of Diskeeper Professional 15:

  • Disk Management
  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Keep the system running at maximum.
  • Keep the hard disk of the computer at optimum performance.

How to register crack or activate Diskeeper Professional 15?

  • Download >> Installer Setup.exe
  • Enjoy! No need for cracks or serial keys.
  • Your pre-activated version of Diskeeper Professional 15.

(Do not update Diskeeper Professional 15 pre-enabled in future releases)

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Ashampoo HDD Control 2.10 with serial keys

Download Ashampoo HDD Control 2.10 with serial keys

Ashampoo HDD Control: Monitors, maintains and defragments hard drives. The software is not only compatible with all popular IDE and ATA serial hard drives, but also offers enhanced support for USB external hard drives and SSDs. The extended user interface provides an overview of the operating status, performance, and temperature of your hard drives. In addition, the software supports the SMART Self Test to check for electrical and mechanical problems with hard drives, as well as noise level adjustment and power management (if the hard drive supports it). . In a few clicks, the software finds unused files and Internet traces, which can then be deleted. Among the common methods, Ashampoo HDD Control uses so-called "proactive" defragmentation. In addition to this, it is possible to restore accidentally deleted files and folders and use the reference function, which checks the performance of hard drives.

How to record or decrypt Ashampoo hard drive control?

  • Install Ashampoo HDD Control.
  • Disable the Internet connection (important)
  • Use the serial key provided below to register Ashampoo HDD Control.

Ashampoo HDD control series key:


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Anvi Ultimate Defrag PRO v1.1 with serial keys

Download Anvi Ultimate Defrag 1.1, including the full serial version

Anvi Ultimate Defrag PRO : It is one of the best defragmentation tools available on the market to optimize the files on your hard drive to increase system performance, which speeds up system activities. It is easy to use, lightweight to install and efficient for defragmenting.

Anvi Ultiamte Defrag repairs disk errors and bad sectors, cleans up unnecessary files on the hard drive, and makes disk defragmentation much smoother. Once defragmentation is complete, all files are properly aligned, making it easier for your system to access them. Consolidate all files and folders stored on your hard drive to make it more efficient.

Anvi Ultimate Defrag can work according to your particular needs. Hotzone is presented with four modes: Normal mode, Home mode, Professional mode (Work) and Entertainment mode (Game). Defragmentation speed 5 times faster than other defrag software allows you to complete defragmentation of the hard drive.

List of Anvi Ultimate Defrag PRO Features:

  • Repair disk errors
  • Clean up unwanted files
  • Defragment hard disk volumes
  • Optimize disk performance
  • Custom disk defragmentation

How to crack or activate Anvi Ultimate Defrag PRO?

  • Install the configuration
  • Use the key provided below to activate Anvi Ultimate Defrag.

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Anvi Ultimate Defrag PRO Series Key: RYSIH-UDGOC-UBNZN-IJPXV

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MiniTool Partition Wizard 9 with the full version of crack

License Keys MiniTool Partition Wizard Server v9.x

MiniTool Partition Assistant : is a partition manager designed by MT Solution Ltd. This partition software is compatible with the Windows 32/64 bit operating system. All users can perform complex partition operations using this powerful partition manager to manage the partition of their hard disk. such as Resize Partitions, Copy Partitions, Create Partition, Delete Partition, Format Partition, Convert Partition, Explore Partition, Hide Partition, Change Drive Letter, Define Active Partition, Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic disk, Surface test, Change the serial number. partition, change the partition type and partition recovery and much more.

How to decrypt or activate MiniTool Partition Wizard v9.x.x?

  • Disable / disconnect the Internet connection. (Important)
  • Install the MiniTool Setup.exe Partition Wizard (provided below).
  • After installation Run the application and save it with one of the provided serial keys.
  • It's take advantage of the MiniTool Free Full Version Scoreboard Wizard

Serial keys of the MiniTool v9.x partition wizard: (Do not change the name, otherwise the serial key will not work)

Name: Nemo / SnD

Series keys:


Software update: MiniTool Partition Wizard 10 PRO is here!

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Previous cracks:

MiniTool v8.x.x Partition Wizard The serial keys for all editions are here!

Defraggler Pro All versions Serial keys

Piriform Defraggler Pro Any Serial Kecks Cracked Version

Defragmenting your hard drive is a necessary part of having a computer. That's why Windows now activates its built-in defragmenter by default. However, the options in this program are limited. The defragmenter surpasses him in every way imaginable. With faster performance, more features, and detailed statistics, this defragmenter is the only one you need.

How to activate / register Defraggler Pro?

Download and install the latest free version of Defraggler
Turn off your Internet connection (this is important, otherwise the keys will not work)
Jet Defragmenter
Go to Help> About and click the Update to PRO button
Enter your name and one of the serial keys below
Click on Save and go

Defraggler Pro Series Keys:


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