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iolo System Mechanic 15: It is an AIO solution to optimize your system, more suited to an experienced user than a novice user. The application allows you to increase the speed, stability and power of your PC. System Mechanic has over 60 automated tools to clean your hard drive, repair your registry, defrag your hard drive, and optimize memory, system and Internet settings.

Features of iolo System Mechanic 15:

Clean and protect privacy: System Mechanic can remove more than 50 types of unwanted files and erase Internet and chat history for a cleaner and faster PC.

Safety caps: System Mechanic can block dangerous programs and system changes.

Solve problems: With System Mechanic, you can diagnose and solve more than 30,000 different computer problems using iolo's live smart updates.

Increase the speed: System Mechanic can automatically speed up your PC startup and program operation by increasing the performance of your system.

Required configuration: Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP. 512 MB of RAM 140 MB of free space on the hard disk.

How to activate Register or crack the iolo Mechanic 15 system?

  • Install iolo System Mechanic 15.5 Trial Setup.exe
  • After installation> Click on "Get Key.url"
  • Complete the details as shown in the screenshots to get the key.

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Complete version of Uniblue PowerSuite 2016 cracked

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Uniblue PowerSuite 2016: Unlock the full potential of your PC, without the attention of an expert, by fixing vulnerabilities to speed and stability issues. Restore the performance of your computer with Uniblue PowerSuite 2016, the best maintenance solution.

How to activate registration or decrypt Uniblue PowerSuite for free?

  • Turn off the Internet (Important).
  • Install Uniblue PowerSuite 2016 Setup.exe
  • After installation Do not run Uniblue PowerSuite 2016.
  • (Close / Delete / Exit) PowerSuite 2016 via Task Manager (if it is running)
  • Copy the file "library.dat" from the crack folder into the installation directory:

For 32-bit – Default installation directory: "C: UnibluePowersuite Program Files"
For 64-bit – Default installation directory: "C: UnibluePowersuite Program Files (x86)"

  • Run Uniblue PowerSuite 2016 and enable it using the provided serial key.
  • Block Uniblue PowerSuite 2016 via the Windows Firewall (recommended).

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Uniblue System Tweaker 2016 with serial key

Uniblue System Tweaker 2016 licensed, full version

Uniblue System Tweaker 2016: It is a tool developed by Uniblue Systems Ltd, which allows you to customize Windows as you wish.

The well organized interface is based on a tabbed design, with four main sides: "Overview", "Settings", "System Information" and "Settings". Although similar applications tend to be much more complex and offer dozens of options, SystemTweaker is a little simpler and tries to attract new and more experienced users with a very user-friendly approach. As you can see, each tab has a pretty clear name, but the most important is undoubtedly "Tweaks".

How to activate Register or decrypt the Uniblue Tweaker 2016 system?

  • Install Uniblue System Tweaker 2016 Setup.exe (Trial Version)
  • Run Uniblue System Tweaker 2016 and use the activation key provided to register.
  • All ready ! Enjoy the full version of Uniblue System Tweaker 2016 for free …

(Do not update Uniblue System Tweaker 2016 after inserting the series)

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DLL Suite 9 full version cracked

Download full version of DLL Suite 9 incl Crack

DLL Suite 9: This is a tool which will fix the Windows error problems by fixing the system registry, DLL files, EXE and SYS missing. This will allow your PC to run faster and without problems.

Features of DLL Suite 9:

  • Automatic search, download and install DLL files with ease.
  • Prevent freezing of the Windows program and system problems.
  • Repair and avoid the blue screen of death, etc.
  • Correct and avoid errors in DLL, EXE and SYS files.
  • Repair, optimize, and create a backup system log.
  • Improve system performance and much more.
  • Automatically correct and download all DLL files.

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How to activate Registry or crack DLL Suite for free?

  • Disable Internet connection (recommended)
  • to install the DLL Suite installer (trial version)
  • After installation, do not run DLLSuite (close / quit "if it is running")
  • Copy the DLLSuite exe file from the Crack "folder" into the installation directory:

Default "installation directory is" C: DLL Program Program Files "

(Do not update DLL Suite after applying Crack, otherwise Crack will stop working)

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AVG PC TuneUp 2017 with Crack + Serial Keys Full Version

AVG PC TuneUp 2017 includes the full version of Crack Cracked

AVG PC TuneUp 2017: This will speed up your computer, extend battery life and free disk space by eliminating unnecessary files. It has all the features to keep your PC running at peak efficiency.

How to activate or register AVG PC TuneUp 2017?

  • Install the latest avg pc tuneup 2017 test configuration.
  • After installation, run Avg pc tune up 2017 and enter the registration details provided below.

Name: Torrent Boss
Company name : N / A

  • Then enter one of the activation keys provided below.
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AVG PC TuneUp 2017 activation keys


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Registry Reviver 2015 v4.2.3.10 with crack

Registry Reviver Version completely decrypted

Registry Reviver is a PC software that analyzes computer errors and accelerates them. It is a very powerful software that easily detects errors and cleans up with one click.

Related ReviverSoft products:

How to enable the registry or crack Reviver

  • Install Registry Reviver (Setup.exe provided)
  • After installation> Do not run (Exit / Close if it is running)
  • Copy the cracked "RegistryReviver.exe" file from the "Crack" folder (x64Bit / x86Bit)> into the installation directory.

Default installation directory: C: ReviverSoftRegistry Reviver Program Files

  • After replacing "RegistryReviver.exe" by default with Cracked One> Run "RegistryReviver.exe"
  • That's all! Full Registry Reviver Free decrypted version …

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Cloud System Booster 3.6 PRO with crack

Download Anvisoft Cloud System Booster 3.6 with license keys included

Anvisoft Cloud System Booster PRO: Take care of the state of your computer, clean up unwanted system files, repair registry errors, fix browser problems, optimize your computer system to increase your computer performance, Optimize the computer for games etc.

Take care of the state of your computer: clean unnecessary system files, repair registry errors, fix browser problems, optimize your computer system to increase performance.

How to activate or register Anvisoft Cloud System Booster PRO?

  • Install Anvisoft Cloud System Booster Setup.exe
  • After installation, use the license key to activate it.

Anvisoft Cloud System Booster PRO license key:


All ready ! Enjoy Anvisoft Cloud System Booster 3.6, the free full version!

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PC PRO Driver PRO 3.2 utilities with crack

Download PC Utilities PRO – Full Pro 3.2 Driver Version

PC PRO Utilities – Pro Driver: It is a PC optimization tool with many features, but its main function is to find and fix errors that speed up your PC.

PC Utilities Pro – is a leading software development company founded in 2009 by a group of young and enthusiastic programmers who strive to create powerful, easy-to-use tools that even allow the most basic users to use their software. computer. like new, professionally.

How to register crack or activate PC Utilities PRO – PRO Driver?

Option 1:

  • Use the portable version of Driver Pro 3.2.
  • Your pre-activated version (saved).
  • No cracks or serial keys are required Just extract and launch! 😀

Option 2:

  • Install the Pro Driver (Setup.exe)
  • Make sure the program is not running (after installation)
  • Run Patch.exe (as administrator)

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(Configuration with hotfix)

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Avira System Speedup 1.6 with full version of crack

Download the full version of Avira System SpeedUp 1.6

Avira System SpeedUp: You can delete all programs, files, cookies, history and unused registry entries. The software goes below the surface where you can not access all PC optimization tools. Analyze the entire system, diagnose problems, locate lost space, and clean your computer regularly to recover, maintain, and revitalize overloaded processors.

Avira SpeedUp System Features:

  • Process Manager
  • Disk analyzer
  • Doctor disk.
  • Driver monitor
  • Registry cleaner
  • Cleaner of unwanted files.
  • Disk cleaner
  • Uninstaller
  • Privacy cleaner
  • Chipper
  • File encryption
  • Smart Defragmenter
  • Optimization system
  • Service and commissioning manager.
  • Acceleration Planner

How to crack, activate or register Avira System Speedup for free?

  • Install Avira System Acceleration (the provided configuration is recommended)
  • After installation >> Close / Exit (Avira System Speedup) (if executed)
  • Run >> (Edgar Patch @ Torrent Boss.exe) and click Patch >> (Button)

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Uniblue SystemTweaker 2015 with serial keys

Download System Tweaker 2015 under license, full version

Uniblue System Tweaker 2015: It's a safe and easy-to-use tool that lets you customize Windows as you please. From Start Menu settings to quick and easy network behavior changes, SystemTweaker contains more than 60 settings, all carefully selected to make your Windows experience a little more comfortable.

Uniblue SystemTweaker, with an easy-to-use interface, allows you to control the system and visual settings. SystemTweaker It's a safe and easy-to-use tool that lets you customize Windows as you please.

Features of Uniblue SystemTweaker:

  • Streamline the Start Menu and Control Panel as you please
  • Adjust network settings to improve functionality and increase security
  • Adjust Windows startup and shutdown rules
  • Customize context menu options
  • Access the detailed information of the system

How to activate Uniblue Register or decrypt SystemTweaker?

  • Connect to the Internet (if you are no longer connected)
  • Install Uniblue SystemTweaker 2015.
  • Use the supplied serial key to enable Unible SystemTweaker.

Uniblue SystemTweaker Series Key 2015:


Everything is in place, enjoy the free version activated …

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