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Plagiarism checker X : is a plagiarism check tool to analyze plagiarism in a text by searching online for identical sentences and other copy indicators.

X Series PRO Plagiarism Controller for License Activation

How to activate registration or cracker Checker X PRO for free?

  • Install the X PRO plagiarism checker (Setup.exe provided)
  • After installation, close / exit the X PRO plagiarism checker (if it is running).
  • Copy "Checker X.exe" into the installation directory.
  • The default installation directory is:

For the 32-bit operating system:– C: Plagiarism checker for X program files
For the 64-bit operating system:– C: Program Files (x86) Plagiarism Checker X

  • After you apply Crack> Run the X.exe plagiarism checker
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(Do not update the X PRO 5.1.4 plagiarism checker after applying Crack, otherwise it will be disabled)

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NBridge Plagiarism Finder Pro 3 with crack full version

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NBridge Plagiarism Finder Pro: It is the most universal application for plagiarism research in the text. It includes simplicity and reliability with the universal multi-process plagiarism search engine, which allows you to check multiple files simultaneously. You no longer need to wait for a text to be revised. Just add all the necessary documents to the list and the application will check them all, saving the report of each tested document in a separate file. The professional version supports the following file formats: DOC, DOCX, RTF, PDF, TXT and also allows you to check web pages and text pasted from the clipboard.

Supported OS: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Server 2012

Features of NBridge Plagiarism Finder Pro:

  • Checking files in various formats (Doc, Docx, RTF, PDF, TXT)
  • Verification of web pages
  • Highlighting plagiarism in the text (fragments through which coincidences were found in various sources)
  • Ability to choose in which sources the search for plagiarism will be carried out, as well as with the use of which search engine
  • Ability to search plagiarism in Google Books and Google Scholar
  • Simultaneous verification of several texts (text documents / Web pages)
  • Automatic saving of the report for each marked text

How to decrypt or register NBridge Plagiarism Finder Pro v3?

  • Install the plagiarism browser settings.
  • After installation (do not start or run the application) (if Close / Exit is executed)
  • Copy (PlagiarismFinder.exe) provided in the crack folder.
  • Paste it now (PlagiarismFinder.exe) into the installation directory.

By default :

  • For 64-bit operating systems: C: Program Files (x86) NBridgePlagiarism Finder Pro
  • For a 32-bit operating system: C: FilesNBridgePlagiarism Finder Pro Program

Ready, launch the plagiarism search tool now and you will have activated the free version of Lifetime Pro.

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