NewSoftwares USB Block 1.6.2 Fully decrypted version

Download Full Version USB Block 1.6.2

USB 1.6.1: Prevent the theft and data leakage of your important files, documents, company files, source codes, and private files, such as USB sticks, CD / DVDs, and networked computers. You can add your own drives and USB devices to the whitelist. Whenever an unauthorized device is detected, a password request appears.

Characteristics of the USB block:

Block any device
Prevention of data leaks
Protection against data loss
Protection against data theft
Data copy protection
Record suspicious activity

How to crack / save a USB block?

Install Usb Block and run once >> Close later.
Now copy Cracked >> Usb block.exe >> Crack folder file.

And paste here:

For 32 bits: C: USB lock program files
For 64 bits: C: USB block of program files (x86)

Now launch and enjoy the full version registered Usb Block v1.6.1

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LoVehoLic File & Folder Hider 1.0 with crack

Download the full version of File & Folder Hider 1.0

LoVehoLic File & Folder Hider 1.0: It is a very useful and easy-to-use utility that allows you to add protection to your files and folders. The program allows you to select any folder on your computer and protect it with a password. Once protected, the folder is automatically hidden from your system, even if you have enabled the option to view hidden files and folders from the folder options. You can only see the hidden folders of the program. Then, if you want to review the folder and its contents, you must open this program and unlock the password-protected folder.


Protected folders are automatically hidden from your system once they have been protected, even if you have enabled the option to view hidden files and folders from the folder options.


If changes are made to the folder structure when you open the program, you will not be able to see them until you close and reopen the application.

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Ashampoo Privacy Protector Full cracked version

Download Privacy Protector 1.1.3 incl. Crack Full Version

Ashampoo Privacy Protector: It is a PC software that helps the user to securely protect their data by encrypting their files and burning them onto a CD or DVD. Analyze the computer and view the problems discovered in its main window, allowing users to clean them up with just a few mouse clicks.

Ashampoo Privacy Protector free download

How to register crack or activate Ashampoo Privacy Protector 1.1.3?

  • Install Ashampoo Privacy Protector (Setup.exe provided)
  • Do not run after installation (close / exit if it is in progress)
  • Open now the "Crack.exe"> Click on the "Crack" button.

That's all! Full Ashampoo Privacy Protector Free decrypted version …

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Steganos Privacy Suite 18 with serial keys

Download Steganos Privacy Suite 18.0.2 and the full crack version

Steganos Privacy Suite 18: Users can encrypt sensitive data such as business reports, TAN lists, or holiday photos.

How to register to activate or decrypt Steganos Privacy Suite 18?

  • Install Steganos Privacy Suite 18 Trial Setup.exe
  • After installation> Run> Steganos Privacy Suite and click on "I have the serial number"
  • Use one of the serial keys provided below to activate Steganos Privacy Suite.

Steganos Privacy Suite license keys:

  • 067-203-192-203-212
  • 169-153-034-042-042
  • 060-243-165-065-143
  • 030-084-132-016-028
  • 078-157-075-211-237
  • 089-239-074-060-013
  • 000-096-072-212-055
  • 241-014-048-076-090

The credit goes to our visitor for the keys: Franco <3

All together, enjoy! Steganos Privacy Suite 18 free full version ..

Steganos Privacy Suite 18 Offline Official Configuration Download Link!

Download Steganos Privacy Suite 18 offline trial version setup.exe (57 MB)


Previous compilation keys:

# Steganos Privacy Suite 17.0.2 trial setup.exe (61 MB)

# # Steganos Privacy Suite 17 serial keys:


Wise Folder Hider PRO 3.23.94 Complete pre-cracked version

Wise Folder Hider Professional 3.23 Complete pre-cracked version

Wise Folder Hider PRO: It is an advanced encryption algorithm that protects your private data from Priers. It has a second password feature that also secures your hidden files and folders.

Wise Folder Hider Pro is a professional file and folder encryption tool: Hide, which allows you to encrypt personal files, photos, videos and other personal data on your PC. Files and folders will be hidden and encrypted after the program closes.

Encrypting files and folders: To encrypt files, you must first create an encrypted partitioned drive, and then drag your files and folders into the encrypted drive. Thanks to their great protection, other users will not be able to open, read, modify, delete, move, copy encrypted files and folders, or even view them.

How to decrypt the registry or activate Wise Folder Hider PRO?

  • Uninstall any previous version installed.
  • After that >> Install the configuration provided below.

(Do not update Wise Folder Hider PRO, otherwise it will be disabled)

Everything is set, no additional activation is required. It's pre-activated. 😉

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Privacy Eraser Pro 3.6.0 with crack full version

Download the full version of Privacy Eraser Pro 3.6.0

Cybertron Privacy Eraser PRO: It is an Internet Eraser tool that protects the privacy of your Internet information by cleaning up all Internet traces and computer activities. Internet Eraser Pro supports common web browsers such as Internet Explorer and MSN Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. Privacy Eraser Pro supports free add-ons to extend cleaning functions. You can easily erase the traces left by any application and create your own add-ons. We offer more than 250 free add-ons that support the most popular programs, such as ACDSee, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, WinZip, WinRAR, Real Player, Media Player, and more.

Features of Cybertron Privacy Eraser PRO:

  • Clear the Internet Explorer cache.
  • Clear the browser history of Internet Explorer.
  • Clear Internet Explorer cookies.
  • Clear the Internet Explorer search history.
  • Delete the Internet Explorer Index.dat files.
  • Clear the history of Internet Explorer autocomplete forms.
  • Clear the history of recent Windows documents.
  • Clear the Start menu of Windows Run / Search History.
  • Erase the Windows Recycle Bin.
  • Delete the Windows temporary files directory.
  • Clear the list of recent Windows Media Player files.
  • Clear Internet history from Google / Bing / Yahoo.
  • It supports Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.
  • Select the cookies you want to keep.
  • File shredder: Destroy files and folders securely.
  • Clean up the available hard drive space: FAT16 / FAT32 / exFAT / NTFS.
  • Schedule tasks and additional assistance.
  • Free up space on your hard drive.
  • Increase the speed of your computer.

How to crack, activate or save Cybertron Privacy Eraser Pro for free?

  • Install Privacy Eraser Setup.exe
  • Do not run after installation (close from the taskbar if it is running)
  • Copy >> (Patch.exe) into the installation directory: –

By default : C: CybertronPrivacy Eraser Program Files

  • After copying the patch to the installation directory >> Run >> (Patch.exe) (as administrator)
  • Click on the >> Patch button which allows you to enjoy the free full version of Privacy Eraser PRO 3.6.0!

(Do not update Privacy Eraser PRO 3.6.0 after applying the patch, otherwise, Crack will be disabled)

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The new Copy Protect 1.6 with crack software

Download the full version of the new Copy Protect 1.6 software

Copy protection for new software: All kinds of multimedia files such as videos, audios, documents and images. The program converts your multimedia files into executable files that will only work on the unit of your choice using the program. If these executable files are copied to another device or drive, they will simply not work.

Copy protection features of the new software:

  • The copy protection feature of the new software helps you distribute your files securely to clients or other computers.
  • With the copy protection of the new software, your information and data are always protected.
  • The copy protection of the new software converts your media files into separate ".EXE" applications that can be viewed and redistributed securely.
  • Distribute your intellectual material freely on CD / DVD without fear of being copied dishonestly.

How to decrypt or save the new Protect 1.6 copy software?

  • Install the copy protection for the new software, do not start it, and do not run it after installation.
  • Run Crack.exe (as administrator) and click the 32-bit or 64-bit button depending on your operating system.

Enjoy the full version of the new Protect Copy software for free. 😀

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(To prepare)

Download the new version of Official Protect Copy Protect Official Setup.exe (23 MB)


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IObit Protected Folder 1.x with serial keys for life

Protected folder 1.x, including the full version of the series for life

IObit Protected Folder: It is a file / file blocker that protects the user's privacy and important data from theft, loss or leakage. To lock folders and files, simply drag and drop them into the vault of the protected folder. You can hide and protect them so they are not visible or changed. Protected Folder is an ideal folder blocker if you are concerned about the security of your private or important data.

How to activate / save the protected IObit folder?

Install the latest evaluation version of the IObit Protected Folder
Open the protected IObit folder and disable your Internet connection.
Copy one of the keys listed below and activate the protected IObit folder
This will give a license validation error, ignore it and press OK
Close the protected IObit folder and activate your Internet connection (if you wish).
Open the protected IObit folder again and enjoy the professional license for life

Serial keys of the protected IObit file:


Configuring the IObit Protected Folder Download Links

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