XJZ Survey Remover with crack [Latest]

XJZ Survey Remover with crack for Google Chrome and Firefox!

The solvent of survey XJZ: It is designed to remove page surveys to allow access to your "premium" content. There are many Pay Per Download (PPD) websites that will ask you to fill in the surveys to download the desired file. Users are required to complete these surveys online or download and install games before they can continue and get what they want. For most users, these online surveys are very boring and take a lot of time. In addition, completing the surveys does not guarantee that they are receiving the content they are looking for.

But that does not deceive anyone into believing that he has answered a poll when he has not done so yet. Sometimes the location of the file (to be downloaded) is only provided after the investigation is complete. From there, you will not be able to download the file with this investigative remover.

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Characteristics of the XJZ sounding solvent:

  • The bookmarklet: ( What is it? )
  • Delete polls (in one click).
  • Easy to use >> as a bookmark for your favorite site.
  • It works with browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari (but not with IE).
  • It does not require installation.
  • Automatic updates
  • This does not affect the appearance and usability of the destination site, unlike other representation methods.

XJZ Survey Remover Supported Survey Sites: ( Visit here! )

How to install and solve XJZ Survey Remover Extension in (Google Chrome) ?

  • Open Google Chrome >> Visit here To install the XJZ Survey Remover!
  • Click "Install Plug-In" >> Click "Install Now" >> Now Quit / Close Google Chrome!
  • Now, launch "Cracked Extension Chrome.exe" (as administrator) (this is a silent patch, no notification will be displayed)
  • Thats It Run >> Chrome and enjoy surfing (no poll)

How to install and unzip the XJZ Survey Remover plug-in (Mozilla Firefox)?

  • Go to Firefox >> Add-ons (page)
  • Click >> gear / configuration icon >> to the left of the text "Search all add-ons" (Click to see the screenshot)
  • Now >> Click on "Install add-in from file"
  • Choose the cracked file "[email protected]"
  • Wait a few seconds and >> press "Install Now" Then >> Restart Firefox.
  • Now go to Firefox >> Add-ons Manager (page 2) >> Click >> Extensions >> and search >> Plugin XJZ Survey Remover.
  • Click the "Options" button and "Mark" all preferences. (No password required)
  • Enjoy browsing without surveys with XJZ Survey Remover!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not update the add-on!

  • Go to Firefox >> Add-ons (page) >> Click Extensions and look for >> XJZ Survey Remover.
  • Click >> "Plus" link to the right of the add-in description.
  • In Automatic Updates, select "Off".

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