[v2.8] Solid Explorer – Powerful file manager and cloud manager with root explorer

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For mobile file managers, if you don’t like the old UI of Classic Root Explorer or the bad usability of ES File Explorer, you can try Solid Explorer. Compared to similar products, its user interface is more modern and it has more features than its peers. If you feel that its features are not enough or its UI is not what you want, you can also extend it with plug-ins and icon packs.

Solid Explorer is a powerful, intuitive, modern and well-received file manager for the Android platform, developed by NeatBytes of Poland. In addition to all the common file management functions, its biggest highlight is that it supports two independent file browsing panels + panel sliding and file / folder drag operation, which brings a new file browsing and management experience and greatly improves work efficiency.

The features of Solid Explorer are quite extensive. It comes with built-in text editor, music player, image browser and many custom options such as themes, icon sets and color schemes, as well as support for installing plug-ins to enhance functionality. It supports both local and cloud file management. It can read shared files on remote computers, connect to FTP / SFTP / WebDAV servers and even manage files on cloud hard drives like Dropbox, SkyDrive, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Mega, OnCloud etc.

// Key Features //

Features Description
Material design Features Google’s Unified Design Language that makes everything intuitive and beautiful
Cloud Explorer Manage your files wherever you are
Rich customization Adjust the interface to your taste with many icon sets and color schemes.
Rich customization Easily customize the look of the app to fit your style. Choose from many color schemes and icon sets designed with care for details. Change the look of file lists and resize them with a pinch gesture.
The original explorer Tired of ugly route explorer? Solid Explorer will help you with system-level activities, such as changing permissions, editing configuration files, and more.
Powerful archiver Solid Explorer can create encrypted Zip and 7Zip archives and extract encrypted Zip, 7Zip, RAR, TAR.GZ and TAR.BZ2 archives. Split archives are also supported.
Chromecast streaming Play your media from any location and watch on your TV Thanks to Chromecast integration. You can stream from your PC or any cloud service.
Your files in order Solid Explorer will categorize all the files on your device in one place for easy access. Your photos, videos, music and apps will automatically split into four sections.

// contains plugin //

  • Mega for Solid Explorer
  • SE FTP Server
  • Solid Explorer Amazon Cloud and S3 Plugin
  • Solid Explorer cast
  • Solid Explorer OTG Plugin

// contains icon pack //

  • Paper icon set
  • Shadow icon set
  • Unfold icon set

// Official demo video //

// Required for system //

// version statement //

TorrentBoss provides the full version of Solid Explorer Multilingual Payment, including plugins and icon packs for Android.

// prompt //

  • After actual testing, I found Solid Explorer to be better than ES File Explorer in terms of ease of operation and ease of use.
  • If you only want to manage the external memory card, you do not need to install BusyBox But if you want to manage the system root directory and use the full functionality, including changing root permissions for all applications, you need to install it.

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License Version Download Size
Full payment (including plugin and icon pack) v2.8.20 40.0 MB

(Homepage | Google Play)

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