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Serif PagePlus X9: He just came out and we Torrent Boss is here with a serial key working. Explore the amazing and improved new features of Serif PagePlus X9, the easy-to-use Serif desktop editor.

Features of Serif PagePlus X9:

  • Create any type of document, print and export.
  • Create, save, and edit professional-quality PDF files.
  • Cut, improve, eliminate red eyes and add effects.
  • Industry Standard Format PDF / X-4 and PDF / X-5.
  • Intuitive guides, clicks, grids and rules.
  • Photo retouching (JPG, TIFF, PNG, WebP and EPS).
  • New automatically creates or deletes text blocks.
  • New dimensions, angles and precise rotations.
  • New control of the rules guide and improvements of the master page.
  • New smaller files and better output.
  • New page designer faster and more efficient.
  • Flexible, versatile and stylish output results.
  • Hundreds of models and styles fully customizable.
  • New support for exporting documents to EPS files.
  • The new supports PDF / X-4 and PDF / X-5 standards.
  • New way to create and customize QR codes.
  • New way to create standard PDF files that are easy to edit.
  • New options for displaying your documents.
  • New PDF overprint settings (PDF output objects).
  • New PDFs, documents and promotional materials.

How to decrypt the registry or decrypt Serif PagePlus X9

  • Turn off the internet connection (important)
  • install the Serif PagePlus X9 installer in trial version
  • Use the supplied serial key to activate Serif PagePlus X9
  • Block all Serif PagePlus X9 exe files through the firewall (recommended)

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WYSIWYG Web Builder 11 with cracks, including extensions

WYSIWYG Web Builder 11 includes the full version of crack

WYSIWYG Web Builder 11: It has been released and over 160 new features have been added to this new release, and some errors have been fixed.

Features of WYSIWYG Web Builder 11: (What's up!)

  • Web design customizable.
  • Knowledge of HTML is not required! Just drag and drop objects on the page.
  • HTML5 Audio / Video, YouTube, Flash Video and more.
  • Slideshow, photo galleries, images overflown, text overflown.
  • Navigation bars, the menu bar and many other navigation options.
  • HTML4, HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, PHP standard output.
Software updates:

How to register, activate or decrypt WYSIWYG Web Builder 11?

  • Install WYSIWYG Web Builder 11 Setup.exe

Copy Loader.exe to:

For 32 bits C: WYSIWYG Web Builder Program Files 11
For 64 bits C: Program Files (x86) WYSIWYG Web Builder 11

  • Run Loader.exe as "administrator"> click "continue the test"
  • Run> WYSIWYG Web Builder 11 will request an email and a serial key
  • Run Keygen and copy the serial and keygen emails into WYSIWYG Web Builder 11 (activation window).
  • Click on Activate "button". The error "serial number is invalid" will appear
  • Start WYSIWYG Web Builder 11, click on the tab> you can see that the program is registered. 😉 & (do not update)

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Full Version of JetBrains PhpStorm 10 Cracked

JetBrains PhpStorm 10 includes the full version of crack

JetBrains PhpStorm 10: It allows you to enjoy a productive PHP and Web development. It gives you in-depth understanding of code, first-level coding support and support for all major tools and frameworks, and much more …

JetBrains PhpStorm 10 Registration Details: (do not change username)

username Administration

Activation key:

LBnoXXnyAVQZKic6h2 "oA7UIsNc8SV
rEEVOyRH7wTdOC! evOlC7t46kx4ZTP

username Torrent Boss

Activation key:

2d0iDD! RllkO6LiAUdn2oT "H2yGyt9

How to activate the JetBrains PhpStorm 10 registry or cracker?

  • Disable the Internet connection (temporarily)
  • Install JetBrains PhpStorm 10 Trial.exe
  • Use one of the provided JetBrains PhpStorm 10 license keys to activate it.
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(Installer / Configuration)

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Amazing Slider 5.5 with Keygen

Download the full version of Amazing Slider 5.5 incl Keygen

Incredible slider: It's a powerful tool for creating quality, professional and responsive jQuery Slider, Video Gallery and WordPress Slider plugin.

Registry change: Fix the error reading the mp4 video in the lightbox.

How to register activate or decrypt the incredible slider?

  • Install Amazing Slider Setup.exe (Trial Version)
  • Run Amazing Slider after installation.
  • Run Keygen (as administrator) >> Enter a fake email address.
  • Copy the Keygen serial number and paste it into Amazing Slider.
  • Click on the "Register" button

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(Configuration with Keygen)

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(Keymaker / Keygen only)

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JetBrains PhpStorm 9 with full crack version

JetBrains PhpStorm 9.x serial numbers

JetBrains PhpStorm: is a commercial and cross-platform IDE for PHP created on the JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA platform. PhpStorm provides an editor for PHP, HTML and JavaScript with on-the-fly code analysis, error prevention and automatic refactoring for PHP and JavaScript code. PhpStorm code completion is compatible with PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 (modern and old projects), including generators, corutines, keyword finally, foreach list, namespaces, closures, strokes and syntax of the short matrix It includes a complete SQL editor with modifiable query results. PhpStorm is based on IntelliJ IDEA, which is written in Java. Users can extend the IDE by installing add-ons created for the IntelliJ platform or writing their own add-ons. All features available in WebStorm are included in PhpStorm (4), which adds support for PHP and databases. WebStorm comes with preinstalled JavaScript plug-ins (such as Node.js), also available for free for PhpStorm.

JetBrains PhpStorm features:

  • "PHP code editor" It allows professional and front-end developers to code, mark and write, to complete, to highlight syntax, to detect and correct syntax errors, to indent automatically, to put online command lines, customizable links and a code checker. In addition, it supports multiple languages.
  • "Debugging and Project Overview". You can easily edit, monitor, debug, and preview your website in a few clicks. It is compatible with browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and Internet Explorer. The free download of PhpStorm 8, debugging without configuration, greatly facilitates the debugging of your applications.
  • "Support for the Web Development Language". Supports HTML5, CSS, PHP5, Sass, SCSS, Javascript, Less, Stylus, Compass, PHP4, CoffeeScript, CSS3, TypeScript, JQuery, Harmony ECMAScript, XML, Jade and Emmet. In addition, PhpStorm key free is compatible with WordPress, Drupal, Behat, etc.

PhpStorm 9 is compatible with: Windows 8.1 / 8/7 / XP / Vista.

PhpStorm patch

JetBrains PhpStorm serial keys for any v9.x:

Username: Administration

Licence key:

LBnoXXnyAVQZKic6h2 "oA7UIsNc8SV
rEEVOyRH7wTdOC! evOlC7t46kx4ZTP

Username: Torrent Boss

Licence key:

2d0iDD! RllkO6LiAUdn2oT "H2yGyt9

Username: PhpStorm v9

Licence key:

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username вℓα ¢ к αℓρнα

Licence key:

00001aEw "RLnNAUlS5rbD" QayuuMGz

How to crack activate or save JetBrains PhpStorm?

  • Install JetBrains PhpStorm Setup.exe (Trial Version)
  • Disconnect / turn off your Internet.
  • Use one of the serial keys provided above. (Do not change username)
  • Enjoy the full version of Php Storm 9 free
Software update: The PhpStorm 10 crack of JetBrains is here!

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PHP Designer 8.1.2 with the full version of the serial keys

Download PHP Designer 8, including the full version of the serial keys

pHpDesigner 8: It is a fast PHP and IDE PHP editor with integrated HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript editors, with features that allow you to create amazing websites. phpDesigner 8 helps you for everything from editing, analyzing, debugging to publishing websites with PHP, HTML5, CSS3 to JavaScript. Download

PHP Designer activation test

How to enable / crack PHP Designer 8.x?

  • Install phpDesigner 8.x.x
  • Run pHp Designer, it will ask you for a registration serial key
  • Download the serial keys for life below.
  • Fill in the blanks with the details provided, leave the other fields blank(See picture)
  • Click on Register (See picture) and that was it! you just got a free full version of phpDesigner

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(To prepare)

Download PHP Designer 8.1.2 Setup.exe (24 MB)

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Artisteer 4.3 with crack full version

Extensoft Artisteer 4.3 Final Crack with full version hotfix

Artist 4.3: With this software, you immediately become an expert in website design, editing and cutting graphics, XHTML and CSS coding, as well as creating Web design templates, Joomla templates, Drupal themes, WordPress themes and masks. DotNetNuke, all in minutes. without Photoshop or Dreamweaverand without technical skills. Artisteer is the first and only web design automation product that instantly creates fantastic website templates and blog themes.

Cracked by REPT, the correct activation method provided by me is also known as the pirate

Activation test of the artist 😉

How to register crack or activate Artisteer 4.3?

  • Turn off the internet connection
  • Install the program (the patch only works with the version provided)
  • Run the patch.exe (as administrator) and press the "Enable" button.
  • All ready! Enjoy the full version of the registered artist 4.3 for free

(Do not update and if the "Export" function does not work, try after a while and change the export path).

Software update: Artisteer Crack (Set of export functions)

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Previously published version:

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